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January 29, 2021

Continued progress in Veolia’s mission to create a world champion of ecological transformation

January 29th, 2021 / Veolia continues to make progress in its industrial mission to create a world champion of ecological transformation, with ongoing progress in the antitrust approval process and the first face-to-face meeting with SUEZ works councils took place yesterday.

Veolia is making good progress in its consultation with relevant competition authorities, including the European Commission. In Europe, since the start of pre-notification discussions, a significant amount of information has already been provided. Veolia and the European Commission are fully engaged in a constructive dialogue.

In almost all relevant countries, including the United States, Great Britain and Australia, significant exchanges already started with the competition authorities and are making good progress. In the coming weeks, the process will then have been engaged in all relevant jurisdiction. Veolia confirms its ability to complete the process as initially planned, in 7 to 13 months from now.

Commenting on the process, Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We have not identified any particular difficulties, neither relating to the schedule, nor the remedies that could be requested. We know these markets extremely well and, at this stage, any required solutions are limited to what was anticipated at the very start of the process.”

Veolia CEO Antoine Frérot, and four other managing directors, had a constructive first exchange with SUEZ’s works council. Two additional meetings with SUEZ works councils are already set to take place next week as part of the information and consultation process. Veolia has already gone beyond its legal obligations to ease the consultation process by voluntarily offering expert representatives of SUEZ’s works councils secured access to an extended data room containing sensitive documents. This initiative was implemented early December to help them access all necessary documents to express an informed and independent opinion.

Antoine Frérot, said; "I have been asking for the opportunity to present to employees of the SUEZ group and their representatives since we launched our project last August, so I am delighted that this is now happening. I am passionate about our exciting project and looking forward to discussing its strong foundations in industrial reality, its commitments to the people of SUEZ, and its ambition to create a world champion of ecological transformation to meet the urgent global challenges facing us all."